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(Shakyamuni Buddha)


The Buddha Shakyamuni is the historical Buddha, founder of the Buddhist philosophy, the word Buddha means “enlightened.” Shakyamuni Buddha, is considered to be a model, a guide and an inspiration. In this Thangka, he's wearing monastic robes, he is seated atop a lotus throne on which are symbolically placed the moon. The lotus seat which symbolizes the act of living in this world without being soiled by its imperfections. The moon represents “upaya” means compassion. The left hand is in the dhyani mudra (meditation mudra), representing the supremacy of an enlightened mind and wisdom, atop with a alms bowl, Whilst the right hand is in the Bhumisparsa mudra, means “taking the earth as a witness”. This mudra, formed with all five fingers of the right hand extended to touch the ground, symbolizes the Buddha's enlightenment under the bodhi tree, when he summoned the earth god, to bear witness to his attainment of enlightenment.


釋迦牟尼佛是佛教哲學的始創者,“佛”一詞的意思是“完滿證悟者”。 釋迦牟尼佛在佛教中被認為是世間最尊貴的楷模及導師。 在這幅唐卡中,他身著僧袍,坐在蓮花寶座月墊上, 蓮花座象徵清淨不染,不會被世間的不完美而玷污, 月亮代表“upaya”,意思是慈悲。 佛陀左手持禪定手印,代表證悟心智的至高無上,並持僧缽; 而右手持觸地印。佛陀於證悟之時受魔王干擾並問他如何證明他已成佛, 佛陀觸地宣佈:「大地可以為我作證!」隨即堅牢地神出現為佛陀作證他已經成就佛道,魔王便退。

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