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Sudarshan's Thangka
Art Print

Sudarshan Limited Paubha Collection is limited to a series of 100art print. With this art print you will receive a thank you card with the painting description signed by Sudarshan. They are printed on premium Cannon banner canvas and so are of the highest quality.

Limited Collection and Mediator Collection,  those original thangkas are all painted with finest pure natural mineral pigments that are hand ground, and these images are then embellished with 24K gold. From canvas making and grinding pigments to painting, everything is done personally by the highly trained hands of Sudarshan himself.

For purchase, please visit Buddhist Philosophy Bookshop (HK) or contact us via temail.

Sudarshan Limited Paubha Collection 

Paubha Mediator Collection

sudarsan thangka limited collection fine print.jpg
sudarsan thangka.jpg
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