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Four-Armed Avalokiteśvara (Avalokiteswara)


Kharchheri is also a form of Bodhisatwa Avalokiteswara. The Six Syllables are "OM MANI PADME HUM" which is considered so efficacious that it hs been carved on all sorts of ornaments. He is white in colour, represents a pure body, speech and mind. His four armed carrying rosary in the right hand and full blown lotus in left. The other two principal hands are raised to the chest with the palms enjoined in Namaskar Mudra with a round known as "jewel" which is regarded as a symbol of knowledge.


四臂觀音是觀音菩薩的應化身。 其心咒為六字大明咒:“OM MANI PADME HUM”,是諸佛的智悲在聲音上的顯現,有無量無邊不可思議功德,持誦必有效驗。 四臂觀音白色的身體代表清淨無瑕的身言意,右手持念珠,左手持盛開的蓮花。 前面兩隻手捧著的是摩尼寶珠,救度眾生脫離輪迴,亦被視為知識的象徵。

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