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Lord Buddha Story
(Shakyamuni Buddha)


Two Thousand Five Hundred years ago Prince Siddhartha Gautama was born to King Suddhodan and Queen Mayadevi in Lumbini garden. As soon as he was born he instantly walked seven steps and raised his right hand, pointed a finger to the sky and declared that he is the great leader of the whole Universe. The King was told by a sage that if the Prince stays in the place as a householder, he would be the great emperor of the world, but that if he leaves the palace, he will become someone who is spiritual and capable of helping many beings. King Suddhodana arranged for all luxuries of that time to be surrounding the prince, so that he would not have any interest. However, despite these distractions, one day Siddartha Gautama desired to go out from the Place and asked Chandak the charioteer to take him out from the palace. On the way, he saw an old man, a sick man, a corpse and a monk. Since that incident, the Prince was very upset and one night he decided to leave the palace and seek the solution to his mental unrest as to why beings have to undergo suffering. One night he left the place with only charioteer Chandak into the forest, in order to find the answer to this spiritual quest for the benefit of all beings. He practiced ascetic meditation very hard in the forest without eating single grain for several years but he couldn’t get any realization. He understood that it would not lead him to enlightenment, so he gave up the practice of asceticism, he bathed in the river Niranjana and accepted rice pudding from a girl called Sujata, who found him unconscious from undereating. After eating the food, he meditated under the bodhi tree. Mara the devil came to attack the Siddartha Gautama to destroy his meditation but Mara couldn’t do any harm to the Prince. Siddartha finally achieved enlightenment. From Devaloka Gods and Goddesses, everyone worshipped the Buddha. Flowers rained from the sky, King of the Gods Indra raised parasol and the umbrella to the Buddha, God Shiva played the Damaru (hand drum), god Vishnu blew the conch horn, Nagaraja the flags, Agni Devi the God of fire lit the incense, the God of the wind raised the flags, Yamaraja the god of death move the beads on the rosary (Japa mala), Kubera the god of wealth made rain of jewels, Sarswati the goddess of the wisdom played the Vina, Bramha the god of creator sweept the way for Buddha and they took procession to Lumbini.


兩千五百年前,淨飯王和摩诃摩耶王后之子喬達摩.悉達多太子在藍毘尼園誕生。悉達多太子出生即走出七步,一手指天,一手指地並宣告:天上天下,唯我獨尊。國王向算命先生詢問這孩子的情況。算命先生說,如果太子能留在國土,他將來必定是天下大帝。如果他離開國土,他將成佛(為一切眾生而生)。 淨飯王不希望悉達多出家,安排很多錦衣美食及美女,希望能把悉達多留在王國。後來一個晚上,悉達多讓車夫 Chandak 帶他外遊,在路上他看到了一個老人、一個病人,一個死人(屍體)和一個面容詳和的僧人。他從未見過老病死之苦,太子非常沮喪,一天晚上他決定離開宮殿去尋求答案。為了人類的福祉他在森林裡苦修苦行六年,好幾年他每天只吃一丁點食物,但他還是無法證悟,於是,他放棄苦行並走到尼連禪河中沐浴。當地牧羊女看見悉達多太虛弱,便供養他牛奶和米粥。悉達多吃了食物逐漸恢復了體力,便在菩提樹下禪修,並立下誓願:「如果找不到解決人生痛苦的答案,我誓不起來!」,魔王驚慌了,深怕悉達多悟道成功,便出儘方法誘惑他及想破壞其禪定,但悉達多的心非常堅固,不因此恐懼退縮,最後終於懾服群魔,證悟成佛。天界諸神諸佛,皆來拜佛並獻供。花雨滿天,因陀羅神王為佛陀舉幡,濕婆神吹奏達瑪魯(手鼓),毘濕奴神吹響海螺角,龍王昇旗,火神德維再次點燃香火,風神升旗,死神雅瑪茹阿佳轉動念珠(Jap Mala),財神庫貝拉供養珍寶,智慧女神薩爾斯沃蒂演奏Bina,Bramha 一路為佛陀打掃清淨了回去藍毘尼的道路。

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