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(Vajra Varahi)


Vajravārāhī- he Name Vajra is the symbol of the diamond vehicle or Vajrayana Buddhist path. In Sanskrit it means the hard or the mighty one. It implies the indestructible hardness and brilliance of a diamond. The vajra symbolizes the impenetrable, immovable, immutable, indivisible and indestructible state of enlightenment. Varahi in Sanskrit means brave. In Vajravārāhī leaf side head, it shows a sow face. Sow is a Buddhist symbol of delusione. Incorporating the sow into her iconography, symbolizes that Vajravārāhī implies her overpowering of delusion. Her wisdom conquest over delusion is not made through suppressing it or eradicating it from oneself. But rather, wisdom tames the delusion of egotism and transmutes its energy into compassion and great bliss.

Vajravarahi has a red body, her hair and expression all exuding a powerful, whirlwind feeling. Her left hand holds a skull bow. The skull bow is a symbol of great compassion and emptiness, and it is filled with the blood-red color nectar of the bodhicitta that manifests accomplishment. Red represents desire, and the pig on her head stands for ignorance. She has satisfied the desire for enlightenment to get rid of ego clinging obstacles, achieve wisdom and help all sentient beings.

Three eyes: She can see through the past, present and future.

Right leg: Represents Absolute truth. Her raised right leg means that she’s not bound by Samara.

Left leg: Represents Relative truth. The external meaning of stepping on the corpse is impermanence, and the internal meaning is cutting off ego attachment- “I” and “self-clinging” and greed have been destroyed, and the secret meaning is emptiness . She is totally free from the dualistic ego and clinging, realism the inseparability of samsara and nirvana.

Face to the left: dharmakaya literally means Truth body, the essence of emptiness.

Being surrounded by bright flames represents the breaking of all ignorant darkness.The arms represent wisdom and #compassion . Holding knife, cut off greedy, hatred and ignorance.


金剛亥母- “金剛”(Vajra)是金剛乘或金剛乘佛道的象徵。 在梵文中Vajra的意思是堅硬的或強大,它暗示著鑽石般堅不可摧的硬度和光彩。同時象徵著無法穿透、不動、不變、不可分割和不滅的證悟狀態。 Varahi 在梵文中意為勇敢,說明了金剛亥母她戰勝了妄想。

金刚亥母身現明亮紅色,頭髮、表情都散發強而有力的力量。左手托著顱骨,顱骨是大悲与空性的象征,內盛滿代表成就的菩提心的血紅甘露。金剛亥母頭上右則有一豬臉,豬在佛教中像徵三毒中的 “癡”, 象徵金剛亥母有著一切智慧,示現她已經滿足破除我執覆障馴服 “癡”及一切妄想,並將其能量轉化為慈悲和大樂。成就智慧而幫助一切眾生的證悟慾望。




左腿:代表世俗諦真理,腳踩之屍駭的外在意思為無常,內在意思為斷取我執 -我和自我的執取與貪著已經被摧毀。其秘密的意思是顯空不二,因為我執製造出來的無限二元對立,完全被關閉了,達至輪涅不二。



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