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White Tara
(Sapta Lochan White Tara)


White Tara was born from a tear of compassion that fell from the eyes of Avalokiteshwara. She represents the fertile aspect of compassion, long-life & Wisdom. Her body is white and she sits in the full lotus posture on moon and discus upon a lotus flower(UTPALA), her right hand makes the gesture of generosity. White Tara may be easily recognized by her seven eyes: three in her face, two in the palms of her hands, and two in the soles of her feet. White Tara's seven eyes represent the Three Gates of Complete Emancipation and the Four Immeasurables.


白度母是由觀音菩薩眼中的慈悲淚水化現,她代表著慈悲、長壽、智慧。 她的身體是白色的,她安坐於蓮花月輪座上。 左手持著藍色烏巴拉花,右手持施予手印。 白度母共有七眼,臉上有三隻眼睛,另於她腳掌、手掌各有一隻眼睛。白度母的七隻眼睛代表三圓滿解脫門以及四無量心。

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